April 2019

I came across a good article about marijuana and its effect on sex life. It got me really intrigued so I decided to delve into this subject more seriously.

There’s a growth of niches that highlights the amazing benefits of marijuana with the legalization of marijuana across different countries. From eye creams to skin care products, you can find a lot of popular products incorporated with CBD. And now, you can find some marijuana lube sold at dispensaries.

These sex products claim that marijuana improves sex. However, there are still some who think otherwise.

A urologist at Stanford University said that people had a different perception about marijuana back then. There have been talks that marijuana results in poor sexual control and activity. There were also studies that claimed that marijuana restricts you from reaching orgasm, degrades sperm quality, and even cause an irregular menstrual cycle.

On the other hand, there have been endless testimonials about the interesting benefits of cannabis sex products. Users claimed that the cannabis lubricant helps prolong orgasm. Users of cannabis tampons also share a great relief from menstrual pains. Other studies of cannabis sex products are still ongoing so it would be interesting to hear the results once they’re done.

However, there are doubts whether the cannabis ingredient should take the credit for the effectiveness of these products. Take the cannabis lube for example. This product includes another potent lubricant which is coconut oil. Can we put the credit to coconut oil, too?

While people are still doubtful about the effects of cannabis lube on your sex life, one thing remains irrefutable – marijuana helps you relax. Most physicians prescribe medical marijuana to treat anxiety, low sex drive, or orgasm problems. Naturally, someone will always get super high and will most probably be able to focus on the current task.

Perhaps, the most unbelievable information that I discovered about marijuana is its ability to increase your sex stamina.

According to a study printed in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men and women who had used marijuana had more sex than those who didn’t. The sex activity of men had an increase of 22% while women had a whopping increase of 34%. It’s important to note that this data is self-reported so you can’t really be sure of its credibility.

In my own experience, I do have some good effects when I use marijuana. I become open-minded and driven to do almost anything. I also observed that my sexual desires and stamina are stronger.